The Olympic Gift

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Displaying the greatest passions, emotions, desires and sporting competition, the Olympic Games is the pinnacle of athletic events. However, the Olympics are more than just an occasion to value sport, there a time when equality, friendship and peace are the most important values of all. By uniting the worlds of sport, art, and culture, the Olympics are the greatest show on earth.

The Olympic games give society many wonderful gifts. Not only are we given two weeks of electrifying entertainment and the opportunity to discover the world's greatest athletes, but we also receive a number of attributes that have a great impact on the human mind, body and spirit.

The Olympics give us role models. We watch winners and heroes provide us with examples of fair play and sportsmanship, we look up to these people and try to follow in their footsteps. The Olympics give us motivation and encouragement, not just to work hard in the field of sport, but to work hard in everything we do.

By watching an Olympian overcome adversity we become confident in ourselves that we can achieve anything. The Olympics give us inspiration, inspiration to build a peaceful and better world. A world where the well being, health and prosperity of people have the greatest importance. The Olympics give us something to dream for, John A. Appleman said "the first ingredient of success is to dream a great dream." Representing your country and achieving glory on the Olympic stage is the greatest sporting dream imaginable.

Thankyou Pierre de Coubertin for this invaluable gift.