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Janie Johnson, now Jennie Spring, never thought anything like this would ever happen. She was kidnapped, and now she is going back to live with her real parents. Janie's "new" family are strangers to her. To make it even worse, she is not allowed to talk to her "other" parents. How can she make it through all this pressure? Jenny's sister gets lost in New York, or when Jenny pushes her real dad away. That was very shocking Premise: It's every parent's worst nightmare. Beth Cappadora loses her young son Ben in a bustling hotel lobby. Emotion intensifies with very hour that passes without his return. Hours turn into days. Days into weeks. Weeks into months. And months into years--nine to be exact. Then one day, Beth goes to the door of her new home in Chicago and is met by a sweet neighbor boy who offers his lawn-mowing services.

Despite the elapsed time, Beth is sure overcome many of life's problems. Kevin is severely handicapped, with a little body but very intelligent while Max who is very large for his age, barely speaks and has problems at school. "I never had a brain until Freak came along" That is what Max thought for he had always been called stupid, dumb, slow as his body seemed to keep growing faster than his mind. Max learnt to be alone. Its through