One cause of racism according to a feminist's perspective.

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Feminists believe racism can start through being ill informed during the process of socialization.

As a child grows, they learn to either trust their guardians or turn from them. If a child trusts the judgment of parents that espouse racist beliefs, they will believe what they say, sometimes blindly. They are not taught to hate. They are given reasons to continue to.

That is the legacy they pick up from their parents. If they are not taught this, their reason to hate will start as blind faith in their role models. It soon turns into experiences that they use to confirm their feelings. As an adult, they will have plenty of reasons to feel someone is inferior to them because they have a thousand memories that support it. Superiority starts early in an adolescent's environment. It is a fallacy that children are taught to hate. Most children that lack guidance are selfish and anyone with a child will agree.

Children need to be taught how to respect others and the differences that we all possess.

While most black parents in this country would probably agree that it is important that families teach children values such as honesty, hard work, and respect for others, black parents also understand that black children must learn much more than the values of the white majority. In raising their children, black parents generally employ and pass on a "double consciousness," in which the values that seem to be promoted in the larger society must be evaluated at two levels -- first a general level, and then a second level, which takes into account the reality of racism and minority status.