One Summer Day On Tompkins Mountain

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One Summer Day on Tompkins Mountain Atop Mount Tompkins, where my dad bought some property in the summer of 1997, was a day of which I¡Çll never forget. I have never seen such a day that was so beautiful, so imaginative, so eerie, so frightening and memorable in my lifetime as a child. The summer days and nights had completely split personalities, almost like good and evil.

The day finally came to move into our new house. There it was, as we reached the top of our three mile long driveway, there came into view, an adventure; my imagination took over. I jumped out of the car just in time to see the first morning at our new house begin.

The day began when the sun brightened and flooded the valley like a river of gold and stripped away the fog that blanketed above the bushy green treetops. The crickets sprawled out on the rocks soaking in the sun, and soon began playing their songs of chaos.

Birds began swooping down and around in every possible direction as if in celebration, singing their constant melody and once again perching on a branch of a nearby Fir. The bees seemed to be mesmerized by the sweet smell of the lilacs and wild flowers as they opened and breathed in the sun. Grass swayed in the warm breath of the wind and a bed of daisies and dandelions swept over the hillsides. The tempting smell of the blackberries that surrounded the pond drew me closer, begging me to gaze in and catch my reflection. Curiously impatient frogs noisily jumped from lily pad to lily pad chasing the swarm of nats that hovered suspiciously close to the pond. An eagle that was once settled on a snag over the pond suddenly gave flight...