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Many people speaking or writing English today wish to avoid using words that support unfair and untrue attitudes toward a particular sex, usually women. Sexism in a language is the way we speak; it places women in a position that is subsidiary to men. A lot of these words are in reference to occupations. Such words include mailman, policeman, fireman, etc. Words are very important because they affect the way we see ourselves and treat others. Avoiding sexism in words is important as a matter of accuracy in speaking. Therefore, it is important that we change our language to be inclusive towards women and accepting of women with masculine characteristics and men with feminine qualities. The word "mailman" should be changed to "mail carrier" because it is sexist, and it misguides the nation.

The job of the mailmen is that they deliver mail including letters, bills, advertisements, and packages to urban and rural residences and businesses throughout the United States everyday.

Mailmen cover their routes on feet, by vehicles, or a combination of both. On foot, they carry heavy loads of mail in a shoulder bag or push it on a cart. The Postal Service provides mailmen vehicles that have trays in which mails are in order by their addresses. They deliver mails house to house, to roadside mailboxes, and to offices or apartments. If a customer is not home, the mailman leaves a notice that tells where special mail is being held. Besides reading the ZIP codes to see if they are right, they weigh packages to determine postage and check that the packages are in acceptable condition for mailing. After completing their route, mailmen return to the post office with mail gathered from street collection boxes, homes, and businesses and turn in the mail, which was collected during...