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With the development of computer technology, Internet became more and more popular. People can do anything by using Internet such as chatting with friends, reading books, and even online shopping. However, online shopping as a new thing is still doubted by many people. I like online shopping rather than shopping in a big mall for the following three reasons: time saving, enjoyable and flexible, and cost-effective.

The first reason I prefer online shopping is that I can save time. I can search 5 or more online stores within only 20 minutes and compare the price of a product that I want to buy at the same time. And then I can pay online within 2 minutes. However, shopping in the big mall is very time consuming. Since shopping malls are always far from residential areas, I need to drive at least 20 minutes to get there and take about 5 minutes to find a parking space.

That is just the beginning. It will take me about 3 hours to wander around stores to select something. At very last I need to wait in a long line for checking out.

The second reason is that online shopping is enjoyable and flexible. I can sit comfortably in front of my computer browsing the products? catalogs while drinking some tea and listening beautiful music. I can do online shopping whenever I want. Even in the late evening, I still can use my computer to do the online shopping. On the other hand, shopping in a big mall makes me tired and frustrating. I need to walk in and out hundreds of stores in the mall; I need to carry many stuffs; and the worst thing is that I have to suffer the noise coming from little children. Moreover, I can only shop...