Opposition to the use of Marijuana

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The death of this country is the social use and abuse of marijuana along with other drugs including alcohol. Long term effects of smoking marijuana are common, which may lead to the use of more devastating drugs such as cocaine and barbiturates. Most drugs alter the chemistry in our bodies; this is dangerous without the supervision of a qualified medical professional.

Barry R. McCaffrey, a director of the White House office on drug control stated in a speech in regard to the opposition of dangerous drugs in the United States. Our history of dangerous drugs dates back to the early nineteenth century when the medicine man sold elixirs to the general store in many communities (Gerdes 37). These elixirs were heavily laced with morphine and alcohol, whose effects were amplified where the consumer was misled by the puffery from the slick talking salesman. In later times the same drugs were sold in mail-order catalogs such as Montgomery Ward and Sears & Roebuck along with codeine and other opiates.

During the same period, Coca-Cola introduced a soft drink laced with cocaine, once again deceiving consumers with drugs. In 1906 our government passed a law requiring all ingredients be revealed to consumers (Gerdes 38). These are some historical examples of why drugs such as marijuana should not be legalized until our government can provide conclusive evidence, and deem marijuana as a safe and effective treatment as an alternative to traditional pain management therapy. There is always a possible risk of consumers self medicating beyond any reasonable medical purpose, as with any readily available drug or herbal product on the market.

Today, marijuana is a popular drug of choice among people of all ages. Beginning in the sixties and seventies (As stated in the sources) there was a misconception of the benign...