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Excutive Summary

Group dynamics at Excellence magazine, one of the leading publications in Nigeria, have been soured by competing ideologies. The magazine's publisher, George Mba, has become increasingly critical and dominant in recent times. As a result, George came into direct conflict with Excellence's liberal editor, Charlotte Demuren. Charlotte has since been dismissed, but the tension created by the conflict between she and George has had a significant and detrimental impact upon member satisfaction and group performance throughout the organisation.

This paper examines the nature of group dynamics as it operates within and between the formal and informal groups at Excellence. It finds that member satisfaction and group performance must be understood in the context of the organisation which is being examined rather than as absolute states. Furthermore, the paper describes actions which could be taken to remedy member satisfaction and group performance at Excellence.


1 Case Description 4

2 Introduction to Group Dynamics 5

2.1 Historical Context 5

2.2 Definitions of Group Dynamics 5

3 Defining Groups 6

3.1 Formal Groups 6

3.1.1 Model of the Formal Groups at Excellence 6

3.2 Informal Groups 7

3.2.1 Model of Informal Groups at Excellence 7

4 Group dynamics before and after 8

4.1 Group dynamics before George's interference 8

4.2 Group dynamics during George's interference 8

5 Problems and Causes 9

5.1 Journalistic culture at Excellence 9

5.2 Defining the problem 9

5.3 How leadership style affects member satisfaction and group performance 10

6 Solution and Implementation 11

7 Appendix 14

8 References 15

1 Case Description

In 1987, the concept of Excellence magazine was envisioned by Charlotte Demuren. She quickly convinced a group of four investors to provide capital for start-up and, after organising newsroom staff and workers, began publication.

The magazine quickly became the leading weekly publication...