Organizational Behaviour Case Study

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Organizational Behavior

Option A

Cases: Automation in the Book Store and The Night Owl Answering Service

Part 1)

The field of Organizational Behavior is one that is very important when it comes to

managing people and to make them work effectively. This begins with training. In

order to understand these cases it is important to look at both the structure and

environment of the company. In the case of the Automation in the Book Store, the

company is a medium sized bookstore. Because this company is a bookstore with

very few employees there is not a high level of formalization, less specialization and

less authority. Therefore, it has an organic structure. Employees don't have a lot

procedures and rules that they must abide by while doing their jobs. In fact the initial

company policy required employees to stay with the customer they were serving from

the time they walked into the store until the sale was made.

Also, there was not a

great deal of standardization in that there was not a set procedure on how employees

did their work, rather it was a freer organization because there were very few

employees and this resulted in greater flexibility. These facts all changed once the

new computer system was implemented. This system presented employees with some

degree of formalization and standardization in their jobs because now there were

precise rules and procedures on how to deal with customers. This includes entering

an ID number every time a sale was made and closing the store with the system.

Also, because this bookstore was not use to high levels of formalization in the past,

the implementation of the training program was affected. There were no instructions

on how to close at the end of the day in training. The manager had to...