Organizing related to Knowledge and Technology: The Heska Corporation

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Organization is an invaluable tool and important function of management. Heska Corporation is a complex company and requires a high level of organization in order to function optimally. Being a company that designs and distributes medical technology, a vast knowledge of the industry combined with the latest medical technology is essential to organizational success.

Obtaining knowledge in the veterinary medical industry is difficult, time-consuming, and competitive. There are thousands of researchers all over the world trying to find an answer to the medical mysteries of today. In order to find these answers, studies must be developed, hypotheses must be tested and retested, theories must be proven, reports must be written and published and, depending on the results, patents must be submitted and hopefully issued. This takes vast amounts of time, money, manpower, and resources to coordinate successfully.

Heska Corporation is dedicated to "developing innovative, research-driven solutions that truly impact the quality of pet care" (,

2006). When an idea is proposed for a new product to be developed, a study is organized to test the product for effectiveness and affordability before any patents are submitted. Because Heska's products are medical-related, they must also follow Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and be approved before manufacturing can even take place.

Coordination of all of the above requirements involves a high level of organization. Testing of new products is done by scientists in the Research and Development department. Depending on the type of product, testing may last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several years. Testing medications and vaccines usually requires the most time, due to possible side-effects of the drugs. Once testing is complete, reports must be submitted for evaluation by Heska's financial analysts, United States Patent, and the FDA. The financial department must determine whether the price to manufacture...