Orwell, George. "1984".

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1984, George Orwell's dystopian fiction novel based on his objections to government and to warn of future Communism, was created in the same year as the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb. The presentation of the horrors that may derive from giving power to the government shocked many readers and made them aware of the dangers of controlled life.

"WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH," depicts an important example of the seriousness of the philosophies that are considered in the book (7). Orwell's attempts to foretell the dangers of government in detailed ways are well executed throughout his story. At the time that he wrote 1984, he was most likely not looking at the future, but warning of what problems his own generation should be aware of. A concept that has derived from his explanations of government and technology are easy to relate to the future.

Philosophies, like these, as well as on different subjects, are a very strong point of the novel. Reading this book not only stirs your imagination, but it makes you analyze your own thoughts as well.

The basic story is a third-person view of a citizen, Winston Smith of the "super-state" Oceania, in London England. His main dysfunction is that he psychologically does not agree with the beliefs and teachings of the Party. The Party is the controlling government of Oceania, and is in the process of creating a dystopia by monitoring every person's actions and thoughts until there is no feeling remaining in the human race. A woman named Julia enters Winston's life and they become involved in a very sexual love affair. This is an extremely illegal act in their society. Winston spends his life scheming of ways to revolt against the party, and to keep his...