Oscar Wilde's Life and Works

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The topic of the given abstract is ?Oscar Wilde?s Life and Works?. I have decided to choose this topic because I dare assert with confidence, that even an inexperienced reader knows this name. Few did not feel the charm of this brilliant aesthete on themselves. For some Oscar Wilde was an author of uncountable aphorisms for all occasions - from polemic debates up to a love explanation, for others ? the genius of the refined fairy tales and parables or the founder of ?mindless secular comedies with very mindful morals ?.

?The True Artist ? (Bryusov), ?Born to Write? (Oldington) - responded the writers of the different countries and generations, a Russian and an Englishman, both allocated with the aggravated aesthetic feeling, about Oscar Wilde. And sure, they were not mistaken in their opinion: Wilde?s works had become history of the literature and theatre forever.

Oscar Wilde has lived a short life (1854 - 1900): it has been shortened, saddened and humiliated with public hypocrisy, the law?s iron hand and decadent arrogance of the poet?s behaviour.

Oscar Fingal (in some sources - Fringal) O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born on October, 6, 1854 in family of sir William Wilde, the famous Dublin ophthalmologist, the author of many books on medicine, history and geography. ?The dirtiest person in all Ireland? ? was a saying about him. Nevertheless, in England he was appointed as a court surgeon, and subsequently granted with lordship. In Stockholm he was awarded with a North Star. In Germany the physicians consider him a genius until now. Oscar?s mother, lady Jane Francesci Wilde, was a woman of fashion, with much theatricality in tastes and manners. She adored symbolical gestures. She signed her verses ?Speranza? - Hope, thus expressing her love to Ireland, sympathy to its freedom...