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Victoria Pedro

Mr. Cammarata


Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Truth

Good turns to evil by twisted words and bad people often get away with evil, until the ugly truth is reveled. In the book Othello by William Shakespeare, the protagonist, Othello, is a good man, but lost and found his way.

Othello is a good husband, worker and person. He prides himself in being gentleman to his wife, Desdemona, who he treats very well. Barbanto accuses Othello of poisoning his daughter and brings him to court, yet still, Othello never leaves her. Othello is a very committed husband and would never do anything to hurt her in anyway. Othello is a respected member of his workforce. Although he is a moor, he never lets the tone of his skin stop him, and works hard for his position.

Othello strives to protect everyone, and is all around a good man. He treats everyone with equality and respect. He never does anything to harm anyone that does not deserve it. A good husband, boss, and person, for these reasons, Othello is a good man.

Iago plants many lies in Othello's head. He claims that Cassio slept with Desdemona, that she has secret conversations and of the handkerchief. Iago comes to Othello with claims of an affair between Desdemona and Cassio. Although it is a lie, Iago stealthily tricks Othello through riddles. When Iago gains his attention, he hits him with the news. Othello, deceived, veers from his good ways. When Desdemona, Emilia, and Cassio discuss the job situation, Cassio leaves before Iago and Othello show up, and Iago twists the situation. Othello does not notice it at first, but Iago brings it up as suspicious. Othello...