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Thomas Jefferson

I. Thomas Jefferson (1743-1836)

II. A. Education- Was sent to Dover, Virginia, where he studied Latin with Reverend William Douglas until 1757. He was then sent to the school of the Reverend James Maury at Hanover, Virginia, and spent two years studying Greek and Latin classics, history, literature, geography, and natural science. In March 1760 Jefferson entered the College of William and Mary. B. Occupational Background- 1767- Jefferson admitted to the practice of law and became a successful lawyer. Also supervised the Shadwell Plantation. Was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. Took an active part in events that lead to the American Revolution. 1776- Jefferson took his seat in Congress as an elected delegate and wrote the Declaration of Independence. Served as Secretary of State under Washington and Vice president under Madison.

III. Served two terms (1800-1808)

IV. Key issues prominent in Election- federal government vs.

state's rights, westward expansion of the nation, Native Americans, the freedom of lower class white men.

V. Opponents

A. First Election (1800)- Aaron Burr (Democratic-Republican), John Adams (Federalist), Charles C. Pinckney (Federalist), John Jay (Federalist)

B. Second Election (1804)- Charles C. Pinckney (Federalist)

VI. Vice President

A. 1st term vice- Aaron Burr

B. 2nd term vice- George Clinton

VII. Political Party of Jefferson- Democratic-Republican

VIII. Domestic Happenings

A. Louisiana Purchase (1803)- The Louisiana Territory was purchased for 15 million dollars from France. Doubled the size of U.S. secured navigation rights on the Mississippi River. Authorized purchase without making amendment, exercised the president's implied powers to protect the nation.

B. 12th Amendment (1804)- Citizens are to vote for President and Vice President separately. Prevented future electoral crises.

C. Non-Importation Act (1807)- prohibited importation from Great Britain of cloth and metal articles.

D. Embargo Act (1807)- Stopped shipments of food and...