Overcrowded Classrooms

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Every year on the first day of school, hundreds of new freshmen attend school. Between the new freshmen and transfer students, the first couple of days are a mess. It usually takes the counselors a couple of weeks to fit all of the new students into classrooms, but they do find a way to do it.

One of the causes of overcrowded classrooms are students that don't show up to registration. If every student showed up for registration, the counselors would be able to figure out where to put all of the students before school started, so that the first day wouldn't be as hectic. Another cause is students that are bused in from Los Angeles. Although it is a positive way for students that live in L.A. to seemingly get a better education; limiting the number of students that are bused in would help out the situation a little bit more.

Open enrollment students also are a factor in overcrowded classrooms. For example, if the number of students is increasingly rising each year, they should bring the number of students that are allowed to open enroll down even more.