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No More Babies!

Since the 1990s, global overpopulation has increased drastically. In the essay "The Case Against Babies," author Joy Williams, discusses the reason America is becoming overpopulated - babies. The way Williams communicates her idea of babies being like the "plague," is completely justifiable because it gets the point across (Williams). Although Williams' view of eliminating the birth of babies is outrageous and unrealistic, the premise behind it is not entirely unthinkable. If we don't try and decrease global birth rates, the world is going to be one very overpopulated planet. Her arguments are quite influential, as exaggerated as they might seem, successfully bringing attention to the seriousness of the issue. People need to become aware that overpopulation will eventually kill our planet.

Joy Williams' goal is to promote knowledge of overpopulation. William's shows passion through her arguments explaining that babies are like a plague.

However, people fail to realize this because they are seen as "god's gift", every woman is entitled to a baby (Williams). Williams' puts a lot of stress on the word BABIES and repeats it, in capital letters, throughout the article. She argues that we as a nation do nothing to control the number of babies being born, but insist on controlling the population of animals. According to Williams the number of babies is booming. William's contrasts what having a baby means to a women versus what it means to a man. For a woman it means "individual completion", showing how childbirth is idealized in America. Williams claims that men, on the other hand acknowledge the baby "with awe" (Williams, 88). She proceeds to focus on alternative ways people can obtain children, such as donation and adoption. Williams's insists that adoption was just an 80's fad...