The Painting Parnassus formal analysis

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Talley 7

COVER SHEET Formal Analysis Grade Sheet Name __Alex Talley__

Intro - Specifics:

2 Name of artwork

2 Artist's name or reference unknown

2 Time

2 Medium

2 Location then and now


3 Thesis is present and clear

5 Analysis is interesting for the reader

3 Details are present

6 There are no quotes

7 Discusses importance of the work

8 Writer's reactions

5 How it fits artist's oeuvre, why it succeeds

Brief description of artist's:

3 Life & Influences are described

5 Artistic style (ism) is described

5 Public reactions to work then and/or now


5 Each element/principle is individually introduced and addressed.

5 No listing is present (more than 3 = a list)

5 Each is introduced and flows from one to another

Analysis is:

5 Unified & organized

5 Adequately developed

5 Coherent


3 Sentence structure

3 Correct punctuation

3 Wordiness

3 Spelling

3 Word choice


5 No new ideas

5 Not a repetition of introduction


5 Pre-graded rubric attached.

Use pencil !

6 Title is appropriate

3 Copy of work attached

5 Plan attached

6 Format and sources cited

10 Length (minimum 3 full pages, not counting cover sheet, title page, sources, plan, outline, examples)

_________ TOTAL (score is a total 150 poss. pts)


-25 Paper was not submitted on the due date at the start of class. If absent, email within 24 hrs of the start of class time. Submit a paper copy next class. No papers are to be turned in to any office or mailbox. Only turn them in to me in class.

Alex Talley

Kathryn Lewis-Salem

AH 1000

28 October 2013

The Fearlessness of Andrea Mantegna: A 15th Century Art Pioneer

The painting Parnassus is viewed as one of the finest paintings ever done...