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The Panther leo is in the class of Mammalia.It is in the family felidae.In the order of a carnivora.All of that means that lions are flesh-eating mammals.They eat gazelle,warthog,impala,buffalo,antelope,wildbeest, zebra and giraffe.They sometimes catch smaller prey such as hare.The lions are the biggest cats after the Siberian Tiger. The males can reach a length of 2.50 m (8ft) and a height of 1.20m(4ft)at the shoulder. The panthera females are somewhat smaller with a length of 1.70m(5.5ft) and a height of 1.05m (3.5ft) at the shoulder. For the males the weight is in between 150 to 250kg (330-550lbs)The females are 120-180kg (260-400kg). On the average alion lives 15 years in the wild,but in captivitiy it is 30 years. Lions are the only true social cat species. The pride consists of 12 females with their cubs and 6 males. Lions are the only cat species with different looking sexes.

The male cat has proud blond to black manes. The roar of an adult lion can be heard up to 5km (3 miles) away. In a moisty atmosphere it reaches further until 8 km (5 miles). The reason why lions roar is to keep intruders away from their kingdoms. Roaring also helps to keep members of the pride together. Lions prefer to live in lightly wooded countries,rich grasslands and thickets on the borders of plains. They don't like dense forests. When lions hunt they like to go hunting in the early morning,the coolest hours of the day. The female lions do most of the hunting. They hunt by stalking their prey as close as they can,until about 20 meters and then launch an attack. Lions can reach a speed up to 35mph (55 kmh). Often the female lions hunt together. several of the lions lay and wait downwind of a herd,while another one goes around the herd to the upwind side. Then she breaks cover and chases the prey towards the other lions waiting in ambush. After a good hunt all of the lions eat.