This paper describes the reasons why to get a Master's Degree.

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Why a Graduate Degree?

The reasons to get a master=s degree varies from person to person. From advancement in the working sector, to just giving the individual a better approach of thinking and processing information, ideas and concepts. I joined the program because of the latter and to satisfy my intellectual curiosity, but I have recognized the ways that it could help me in my career. Statistically the person with the higher education receive higher pay, promotions and raises.

More and more individuals find it necessary to get an advanced degree or certificate from some type of higher learning institution to advance the course of their work career. More and more work procedures are being converted to or includes the computer or computer related programs to reduce physical man power. That in turn for the employer reduces employees, but increases the bottom line faster and more efficiently. Even with a bachelor=s degree, the need for a more advanced developmental way of thinking is essential.

As the computer and processes become more advanced, the need to have the knowledge to be able to program, control and understand the results becomes paramount both for the employer and employee in the ever- changing world of technology.

A Man's mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Economists generally agree through the framework of supply and demand that the last several decades have seen a strong, longterm increase in the demand for skills, including those acquired through formal and advanced education. From a purely economic standpoint, longterm compensation changes drastically in comparison to those with advanced education and those who do not .

A few of the wide range individual benefits associated with higher education include:

! Increased earnings

! Better working conditions

! Better...