This paper is a position paper on abortion. It's broken down into eight subheadings to explain the importance of not aborting a fetus.

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Position Paper

Cristal M. Brooks

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Social Problems

Identification of the Issue

The act of abortion is morally wrong in all cases. By examining the morality of killing, and the rights and responsibilities of each party involved in the act of abortion, it can be shown that abortion is morally reprehensible in all cases. These cases are defined by the reasoning behind the act, the mother's motives. Motivations from comfort. The harm to or possible death of the mother, and cases of rape or incest can all be examined, and in none of these situations is there sufficient justification for the act of abortion. The act of killing is wrong because it deprives the victim of the totality of its experiences, activities, and enjoyments, this is one of the greatest losses a human being can have inflicted on them.(Marquis, pg 28) For the same reason, it can be decisively shown that the act to abortion is wrong.

Destroying a fetus, whether it is currently a person or not, deprives it of its experiences, and entire existence. Regardless of its current status, a fetus will grow into a human being, and it will therefore has the same potential as any other, and further has the most to lose. If the loss of the totality of experience is seen as a bad thing, or if the act of living is seen as a good thing, then the this act of abortion is just as wrong as killing a full-grown human being. There is, in this case, no difference between aborting a fetus and killing a person.

Identify the etiology of the problem providing the causative factors which contribute to the problem.

In this world, there are a lot of problems that can make tremendous conflicts for human beings. They are very...