Paracelsian Cosmos

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The structure and design of the Paracelsian cosmos is different from cosmos that have been introduced before his birth. However, there are some underlying ideas in Paracelsian cosmology that seem to have been influenced by Aristotle and Plotinus. In Section 1 - Paracelsian Cosmos, I will explain the fundamentals of Paracelsus ideas. In Section 2 - Difference between Paracelsus and Aristotle Cosmos, I will explain the similarities and differences between Aristotle and Paracelsus cosmologies. In Section 3 - Difference between Paracelsus and Plotinus Cosmos, I will explain the similarities and differences between Plotinus and Paracelsus cosmologies. Section 4 - Paracelsian Medicine, I will explain how Paracelsus felt he could cure disease. Section 5 - Difference between Galenic and Paracelsian Medicine, I will explain how Paracelsian medicine differs from Galenic Medicine. In Section 6 - Modern Medicine, I will explain if modern medicine was influenced by Paracelsus and Galen.

Paracelsian Cosmos

Paracelsus, an alchemist, relied mainly on chemical composition and transformation of objects through alchemy. According to Paracelsian cosmos, being is split up into three main groups. One, Intellect, Soul is these groups. This is similar to Plotinian ideas of being, such that the One was the deity that controlled all, Intellect is the Real of Being, and the Soul being intangible part of the body, giving life to the flesh. Paracelsian felt that God had interactions with the physical body and to do so it went through a channel of astra. An astra is the nature of any object. This astra is precipitate from the One and enters these different channels. The channels are called wombs and there are four of them. Fire, Air, Water and Earth are the wombs that are part of the astra. Each of these wombs have a different property which creates a...