Paradise Regained, the little known sequel of Paradise Lost. Very well written with a Christian perspective, includes many quotes.

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Most readers of British Literature do not know of the obscure poem about the struggle to retake the world from the grasps of Satan and his minions. John Milton, the man who brought the literary world the great fall of mankind in Paradise Lost, returns to the epic biblical struggles in the sequel, Paradise Regained. Written years after the original, Milton's views have noticeably shifted, however, he again expresses his views through the characters in the story, namely Jesus and Satan. Through their dialogues Milton puts forth his opinions on politics, as well as inserts a very important life lesson for all who read it , and thoroughly discusses the three ways Jesus was tempted.

Like the original, Paradise Regained can be taken as political propaganda. Milton wastes no time in discussing the role of women in the fall. As if he was trying to make a blurry topic clear, Milton states through Satan, "Since Adam and his facile consort Eve

Lost Paradise, deceived by me," implies that the fall was not solely on Eve, but was shared by both.

He does refer to all women later in the epic in the context of Solomon being lured away from the light by his love of his wives,

Many are in each region passing fair

As the noon sky, more like to goddesses

Than mortal creatures, graceful and discreet,

Expert in amorous arts, enchanting tongues

Persuasive, virgin majesty with mild

And sweet allayed, yet terrible to approach,

Skilled to retire, and in retiring draw

Hearts after them tangled in amorous nets.

Such object hath the power to soften and tame

Severest temper, smooth the rugged'st brow,

Enerve, and with voluptuous hope dissolve,

Draw out with credulous desire, and lead

At will the manliest, resolutest breast,

As the magnetic hardest iron...