Paranoia: A Tactic (Gun Control)

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With approximately 192 million privately owned firearms in the United States, there is much politicking and debate over Gun Control and their laws. With gun supporters claiming the right of the 2nd Amendment, while the other side is arguing the right for safety, safety and protection from firearms, it is obvious they are both arguing for rights. I propose that not rights but fear is the true common thread between the sides. Fear of an out right ban on firearms on one side, and on the opposing side, a fear of loss of human life.

When I examine the literature put out there by the largest pro gun organization, the National Rifle Association (NRA), I quickly realize it is propaganda put out by an organization heavily reliant on instilling fear into its members. The undertone of all the NRA's propaganda against proposed Gun Control appears to be this, "If we let this happen, it will lead to the government coming into our homes and taking away all firearms."

Even on the most benign regulatory issues, the NRA takes this stance. The NRA seems to promote paranoia by taking this stance on every issue, which in turn has been adopted by many of the organizations members.

I have no desire to take away all guns from individuals. But I too have a fear, a fear that is legitimate and sound. I fear that I will be one of the 32,436 people killed in 1997 by a gun.

Why can't we license gun owners? We ensure drivers are competent behind the wheel. They must take a written test as well as display proficient use of the device. An automobile is considered by some to be a weapon, a dangerous weapon. Why then don't we feel the need to license use...