Partial Abortion Ban Law. What does this law do to the women of the United States? What are some of the consequenses?

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Recently, while looking through some Newsday archives , I was horrified to have found an article stating that Congress and President Bush just passed a partial abortion ban law. The law bans abortion after the second trimester during the pregnancy and also bans partial-abortion. This is a very serious matter to many women in the US as well as myself. I found this article in an archive from from November 11th 2003. To understand my argument on this very sensitive and controversial matter, we must go back to the facts and where it all began.

In 1973, in the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provided a fundamental right for women to obtain abortions. Since then abortion has been an important controversial issue to the United States. The problem begins with should it be a woman's choice whether or not to terminate her pregnancy or should it be the government's choice.

This is where a woman looses her rights as a person. If abortion is not remained legal woman will start performing them illegally. One third to one half of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion, 2,500 of these abortions will be performed illegally. Although some oppose abortion for being used as a form of birth control, abortion should remain legal because it is a woman's choice and protects the privacy of an individual.

Some teenagers and woman abuse abortion as a form of birth control. Many women have used legal abortions as a drastic form of contraception, due to carelessness or ignorance of better methods. Rape victims use abortion to prevent having a baby from their attacker. Abortion should remain legalized for the fact that if it's not kept...