Passage To India

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After reading Paige's journal, I definitely agree with her thoughts on the significance of the characters and their relationships with one another. The plot has been slow through this first section of our novel study, yet I believe that she found the significance behind all the characters. She did go over some of the plot, although I would like to reinforce some of the major points that I found relevant in the first section of our novel.

First of all, I found that the setting has had a great significance towards my understanding of the story. Since this novel takes place just before India gains their independence, the tension between the English and the Indians is at it's maximum. This tension is what sets our plot and what establishes our characters. Their behavior towards each other's cultures is what differentiates the characters, and it is also what allows us to see the important traits each character possesses.

The main conflict that I find to be apparent is the diversity between the two cultures. The tension between the two groups is evidence of this conflict. I believe that this will be the major conflict until the end of the novel because of the time period in which this novel takes place. It seems evident that both civilizations are realizing the extent in which Britain is taking over India, and I believe that this will lead into a revolution or a greater conflict. On page 70 it says, "Nationality was returning, but before it could exert its poison they parted, saluting each other. 'If only they were all like that,' each thought." I found that this quote reinforced my prediction above. (Foreshadowing?)

I agree with Paige that everything will probably climax at once, yet I think that this first part...