The Passion and Lifestyle of two different Characters: "Uncommon Carriers" by McPhee, John

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The Passion and Lifestyle of two different characters John McPhee is a writer at the New Yorker and the author of the book Uncommon Carriers. McPhee starts his book with the chapter “A Fleet of One”, which is mainly about Don Ainsworth, a professional truck driver, who travels across the United States transporting chemicals, juice concentrate, and other various products. Ainsworth enjoys driving because it is his passion and lifestyle.

To learn more about this passion, McPhee rides along in the truck and learns about all the important aspects of being a trucker. Ainsworth told him that people are usually ignorant about the hard work it takes to drive a truck, including driving for days on end and truck maintenance. For example, in the beginning McPhee’s book says, “The way they are operated suggests insufficiency in, among other things, coordinate, depth perception, and rhythm”(3). The driver also needs to take care of the truck, but Ainsworth truly cares for his vehicle.

Ainsworth does not care how much it costs to take care of his truck. For example, he always makes sure to park away from other cars so that there is no chance that anyone can scratch his polished truck. Ainsworth also knows how to best use the truck brakes without wearing them out.

Besides taking good care of his vehicle, McPhee also realizes that not all truckers are the same. Ainsworth has a unique lifestyle, which includes an extensive, expensive boot collection. He also reserves the use of his truck horn for attracting the attention ofLiu 2pretty girls riding around in convertibles instead of road aggression. McPhee also observes that most truckers look somewhat alike; McPhee realizes he does not fill the trucker description. He receives many odd glances until he buys a trucker’s cap. “I felt particularly...