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This paper reflects upon my personal and professional growth during my study at the University of Phoenix. I have actively pursued the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business/Management (BSB/M). During my journey, I underwent many personal and professional changes.

Part OnePersonal and Professional Life When Beginning BSB/MI knew there was a void in my life, but I was unable to pin point exactly what it was. I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled, both personally and professionally and did not even consider the role of learning and its importance to my personal growth. Out of boredom, I decided that I would enroll in college classes online instead of playing scrabble or surfing the net.

I believed my level of professional competence was exactly in line with my peers and my superiors. I had excellent problem solving skills, good written communications, adequate oral communication and the information retrieval, utilization, and collaboration processes were above average.

Overall I believed I had a balance of the skills needed to become management material.

I believed my career goal of manager could be attainable without furthering my education. I envisioned myself having a department of people who would make a difference to an organization. I was not even concerned as to the actual functions of the position as long as I was "the manager".

Part TwoGrowth Experiences during BSB/M StudiesThe core courses were all that was needed for my degree. The first class introduced me to the on-line environment and the team concept. This class also taught me the importance of written communication and the interpretation of what is in writing. As my journey continued, I had the fortunate opportunity of learning to research very specific topics which has proven to be very valuable both personally and professionally. Once quality research is complete, the utilization...