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Anum Ahmed

Mr. Dettmer

Research Paper

January 15, 2014

A Path to Citizenship-Equality for the Undocumented

The American Dream is a phenomenon that many refer to, and is vast in its meanings. Some interpret the American dream as the "pursuit of happiness", the dream of living in prosperity, gaining fame and wealth, incredible opportunities, democracy, equality, the plethora of ideals Americans want to see come true in their future. Although the appreciation of the millions in the United States who live up to the American Dream everyday may be deteriorating. The privileges of living in a thriving, free and stable country are often taken for granted.

However, there are currently 11 million people in the United States who do not take the American dream for granted. Rather, they are spending their days trying to achieve it. The undocumented immigrants in the United States do not get the same equality, privileges, rights and opportunities as American citizens.

Mexicans often cross the border for greater economic opportunity in order to improve the lives of themselves and their families. Asians tend to overstay their visas for greater education and work opportunities that are unavailable in their respective home countries. From Africa, many migrate to escape war, or starvation. The stories and reasons are endless, but their mission is the same: to improve their lives. Student Resources in Context's article from Earth Island Journal called "The Green Economy and A path to citizenship" quotes President Teddy Roosevelt's assertion that "far and away the best prize that fife offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing" (1). Mr. Roosevelt's words apply to the undocumented immigrant's determination to work hard every day, at any job. For their hard work, they deserve greater opportunities and equality that citizenship can give. A path to...