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"If this be treason make the worst of it!" These were the words I spoke in my speech against the Stamp Act of 1765. As explained to me by my father and mother, John and Sarah Winston, I, Patrick Henry was born May 29th the year 1736 in Henover County Virgina. Life as a young child is something I do not have a great deal of knowledge on for it has been mostly forgotten. But in the year 1759 I married a Miss Saratt Shelton, who I was very attached to at the time. In the year 1760 I decided to practice law for that was the field of practice that most interested me. After graduation from law school I was immediately elected to the Virginia House of Burgess, 1765. During this time I did not think very generously toward the Stamp Act and I gave a speech opposing it.

That was my most glorifying moment. I became a member of the first Continental Congress from Virginia in 1774 and 1775. Before this I was on the Original community of correspondence along side of Thomas Jefferson and Henry Lee in 1773. I participated in the selection and organization of the Contentinentel Army. I took a decisive part in drafting New Virginia Constitution, as well as urging Passage of Resolutions, authorizing congress to aide Virginian Government 1776-1779, 1784-17786. I sent George Rodgers to Illinois Country to expel British from New York Territory in 1778. I opposed ratification , I was greatly responsible for the Bill of Rights. I was elected to the Virginia House as a federalist. Patrick Henry died before he could take office. His death took place in Virginia, on June 6, 1799 Patrick Henry was 63 years of age. He was buried at Red Hill Plantation River, Virginia. Patrick Henry is probably most famous for saying "Give me Liberty or give me Death".