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Starr L. Haywood

Performance Management Plan

HRM/531 Human Capital Management

June 4, 2014

Christopher Jaques

This week Atwood and Allen Consulting firm was assigned the task of recommending several pertinent aspects of Landslide Limousine's company. We were tasked with identifying the alignment of the performance management framework to the organizational business strategy, organizational performance philosophy and job analysis process. Since Landslide Limousines is expanding to Austin, TX we also discussed methods used for measuring employee skills, process for addressing skill gaps and the approach for delivering effective performance feedback. With these aspects covered for this limousine business, Bradley will begin to see what a great investment he has made with consulting with Atwood and Allen.

The performance management framework is an important factor to any business. In order to align your framework to your organizational business strategy, you should follow the five steps of strategic management process.

The five steps include: goal setting, analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control. The main focus behind goal setting is clarifying the vision for our business (Robbins & Judge, 2013). Bradley stated that your vision is to provide exceptional service, one ride at a time. In order to maintain your vision, you must continue to improve your employee performance to keep your customers happy. During goal-setting you must define short term and long term goals for the company.

It's also important to "walk the walk." What you do is far more important - and believable - than what you say. Demonstrate the kind of behavior that you want from others. In order to keep followers motivated, leaders need to constantly communicate that vision, reinforcing the shared, positive outcome (Frost, 2000). Next, the analysis step involves data gathering in order to assist in meeting the...