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The general overview of this assignment is to look at the Performance Management system of Company A which was introduced but failed due to isolation. During this assignment I will be looking into how the performance management system of Company A could be relaunched.

I will be talking in detail about:Performance Management,Motivation within the company,Objective setting within the company,Appraisal and review,Reward management,I will be giving examples of performance management within my own company and how the performance management system is in place and how beneficial a performance management system can be within an organisation when implemented successfully.

Introduction:The purpose of this assignment is to look at Performance Management within a company and how beneficial it is for a company to achieve substantial benefits and going forward in its organisation so that the company can minimize the risk of a failed system. In this report I will be looking at the performance management system of Company A which was launched 2 years ago but has failed.

The following areas will be discussed in detail as I look at relaunching the Performance Management system of Company A:Performance Management SystemMotivation within the CompanyObjective SettingAppraisal and ReviewReward ManagementPerformance Management :Armstrong and Baron.1998. Performance Management, Define Performance Management as " a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. Performance management is strategic in that it is about broader issues and long term goals and integrated in that it links various aspects of the business, people management, individuals and teams."Performance Management provides personal and development specialists with a real opportunity to be proactive and innovative in influencing corporate strategy and contributing to both bottom line results. Its aim is to improve organisational effectiveness and add value by enhancing existing capabilities and building new...