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Luis Armendia



By Alain Armendia

Throughout my short life I've experienced changes in many aspects, looked at life from different perspectives: first as a child, when all I had to do was going to school and playing, well, sometimes cleaning my room too. Then, as you start growing up your interests and your responsibilities start growing also, suddenly your priorities are no longer what they used to, and boom, like out of nowhere puberty hits you and all of a sudden your friends, a girlfriend, buying a car and being "cool" at school become such a priority, all those things I couldn't care less for as a child had become the most important. It was during that stage in my life when I heard the news, my dad had gotten a job in the USA and we had to move.

I moved to the USA when I was 14 years old, living behind my home, my friends, my relatives and pretty much everything I loved and ever knew existed.

This experience was really shocking for me, as if going through adolescence wasn't hard enough, now I was coming into a completely new environment, living behind everything and everyone I knew.

The cultural shock was enormous; for starters, I didn't speak the language and even today I'm still struggling to increase my vocabulary and improve my pronunciation. It was very frustrating trying to express my self and not being able to, I wanted to talk and get to know people but I just wasn't able to. The lifestyle was so much different, I used to live in the city and coming into a small town was very different. In school I didn't know anybody, and I was having a very hard time trying to understand the lectures from...