Personal essay- It is time to preserve our culture!

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How does language affect your life? What does culture refer to your life? Have you ever doubt to yourself about where you come from? For me, culture and language means a lot in my life. Before I start talking about culture and language, I would like to say, frankly, I am from a very old, traditional and rural place. This place is called Shantou. Here, people speak native languages, think in traditional and ancient ways. Even the culture is old; people are superstitious and persistent, but I think that it should not be ignored.

Here are some of my backgrounds. I was born in Hong Kong. My parents are Shantou people, therefore my nationality is Shantou. Because I am "from" a rural country side, and I think this is an "old people" town, I started to X this place and felt embarrassed about my nationality when I was young.

However, one of my friends changed me. Once I was chatting with a friend, she asked questions as to why Shantou people are keen on red and green, and why her Shantou grandmother is so passionate about her knitting work. I did not have a good answer to the questions because I did not really understand culture in this place since i actually grew up in Hong Kong. At that time, I felt so disappointed and doubtful about myself that my friend challenged me on how much of a Shantou people I am and I was ashamed to admit not a good one. I did tend to forget the customs and values of the place. Then I tried to do some research on the cultures of Shantou and I have found so many interesting things that should be protected and that people should be aware...