Personal Opinion on "Binge Drinking" at colleges

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Alcohol seems to be such a touchy subject for everyone. I have experienced binge drinking from the sober point of view as well as the blury vision point of view. I guess binge drinking is defined as the heavy, episodic use of alcohol. This is a type of drinking that everyone goes through at one point in their life. When your younger and you want to drink, you don't really do it for the great tasting cheap beer. You fill up a beer bong and get it down fast as possible, so you become drunk faster; and gain your so called "instant confidence." I think that this becomes an early habbit for kids at a new school because it becomes easier to make friends and loosen up in a crowd full of people you don't really know.

I have never attended a four year school or lived on a campus, but I have visited many of them.

I think that some schools control the drinking better than others. I visited George Mason about two years ago, and they had busses running from campus to the partys, tryng to avoid any drinking and driving. The partys that take place on campus are better then any other because you have no need to drive anywhere. You can just walk or crawl back to your room and pass out. Drinking seems like a big problem, and it definetly is. People just need to learn how to control it. The people who blame their drinking problems on their family, are very clueless. If someones parent is an alcoholic, that is not an addiction that comes through their genes. They need to admit they have a problem as well.

I am not in anyway saying that binge drinking is a good thing, but I am...