a personal opinion on pro choice along with the opinion of gore and bush

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There are many different sides people can take on the issue of abortion. By viewing the sides and opinions of the candidates for president, it may help you understand what is important, and unimportant about the issue. I believe it is only right for the woman to chose, if she wants an abortion. No man or woman should have the right to say a woman can or can't have an abortion. In conclusion, Vice President Gore is the side I would choose. This was a hard decision to make because this issue is the only issue I agree upon with Vice President Gore. Since I believe strongly for a woman's right to choose, he is the winner.

When Vice President Gore stated in one of his speeches, "You are not going to stop abortions, you're only going to put it in the back shadow of the legal system." (Gore).

I believed strongly that what he said was true. If we make abortions illegal, they will be pushed back into the legal system. sure, they won't be legal, but what will stop a desperate woman who knows bringing a child into her life would do no good. Many illegal abortions will be performed. From the end result, many women will die due to lack of technology because abortions are illegal. The best cleanliness and so forth won't be used because the woman's goal is to get the abortion and get out. The surroundings could be dangerous. Besides, once something is made legal and then becomes illegal, people will be upset. When the phrase is stated when there's a will there's a way, many women will proceed with the abortions. Many people work around laws as we speak. For example, we all know that drugs are illegal, but many people sneak...