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One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to be aware of what you want when you choose a partner. You should choose a partner with the qualities and traits that match what you are looking for. You will greatly increase the chances of having a healthy, long-lasting relationship. The most important qualities that I look for in a partner include the following:

*good communication skills in talking and listening

*the ability to be open and trusting (faithful, loyal and responsible)

*the same expectations about roles and responsibilities as myself

*interests I can share

*personal habits or mannerisms that do not irritate me

*emotional health and well-being

*dreams and goals for the future that do not conflict with mine

Surely age difference is important, but does it matter? Someone may meet you who will influence your life so much so that even if you marry that for just one day and the person dies, you will feel very satisfied.

I know so many people who got married to people much older than themselves and yet they have wonderful marriage lives. Age difference doesn't matter at all. What matters the most is compatibility; understanding and above all, true, unconditional love that exists between the two of the couples. Therefore, I don't understand why people put age difference as one of their top priorities in looking for a true life partner.

Proximity plays a big role in choosing a partner. Common element in each type of close relationship is interdependence. This exists when two people frequently influence one another's and engage jointly in many kinds of activities over an extended period. With love attractiveness matters the most, but proximity and similarity also matter. Relationship is enhanced when people are closed by; therefore in choosing partner proximity really matters. Long-distance...