Persuasive Essay: Re-election of our Dear President

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Vidushi Singh

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October 27, 2003

Persuasive Essay:

"Re-election of Our Dear President"

We, this great and most powerful nation, are ever so fortunate to have so capable a leader. Never has the White House ever seen such an intelligent and adroit President.

Surely most American citizens are well aware of the upcoming Presidential election of 2004. They then must also be aware of the sheer magnitude of Democratic contenders for the most powerful seat on Earth. President George Walker Bush will definitely be running for re-election, as he rightfully should. The problem therein lies in all the opponents that President Bush must face. You must support President Bush in the imminent election.

President Bush has had so many opportunities to display his excellent leadership abilities; he has done the nation proud in every one of these opportunities. For example, his handling of the delicate situation in the Middle East, and particularly Iraq, has been unbearable.

No one else would have had enough foresight to conduct a war, and to liberate and attempt to govern the suppressed peoples of Iraq.

In the controversial election of 2000, the whole mess could have been easily solved at the beginning. Simply put, George Bush should have just been instated as the President and the situation could have been easily avoided. But, like always, the better man wins anyway.

After all, the beloved President has high statistical poll ratings. His credentials include a powerful and successful former President as his father to guide him. With such fame comes a dedicated upbringing: the best education, formal training, career opportunities and domestic training money can buy. What more is necessary?

As for the much debated question of intelligence, it may be a little known fact that the majority of exemplary leaders were average students...