Persuasive Speech: Japanese fiction works are better than Western ones

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Q:What kind of Japanese fiction works?

A:This presentation is mostly about comics and animation produced in Japan, but it covers also TV Shows and movies

Topic: Japanese fiction

General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade you that Japanese fiction is better than western fiction regarding comics, animation, movies and TV shows

Thesis statement: Although Western people see Japan as a calculating land with brutally efficient workers, they are in fact individualistic, expressive and sentimental if we can judge them from their works of fiction who surpass our own in various aspects


I. How other countries think of Japan

II. Thesis statement

III. Reminding the meaning of the terms manga and anime


I. First argument: Japan's tendency to mix various influences from all over the world

A.Japan borrows various foreign things and merges them with other elements

B.Example regarding religion of Japan

C.This tendency in regards to fiction

II.Second Argument: How Japanese portray life, human

relations, nature and the world in their fiction works

A.Human nature is portrayed as it is

B.Japan's popular culture has a tight closeness to the ordinary, everyday lives of its audience

C.Manga on any theme imaginable and toward any age range

D.How human relations are portrayed

III.Third Argument: Heroes' fate after their struggle, death and the morality of the universe in Japanese fiction

A.What defines a hero in Japan

B.Death in japanese fiction

C.View of the universe as amoral


A1. Pornographic themes in manga and anime

A2. Refutation

B1. Japan's cultural insularity robs it of relevance for other societies

B2. Refutation


I. Quote from Antonia Levi

If someone will say that Japanese people are imaginative, sentimental, expressive and individualistic might earn him strange glances in most countries of the world. Many Westerners see Japan as a cold, calculating land of ant-like...