Peter Pan.

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Peter Pan is a wonderful boy who lived in Neverland. He loves to make other people happy. He doesn't like other people to be unhappy. I also like to make other people happy. He tries to make everyone that he knows happy, so he can be happy. Peter Pan is 15 years old, and he wants to stay 15 forever, because he thinks that staying 15 will make him happy forever.

I don't agree with him on this idea because I want to grow up and go to college, have a career and a family. Peter Pan is not interested in things like that. Anyone who wants to stay the same age has to go to Neverland and remain there, and the only way that any one can get to Neverland is to fly with Peter Pan.

One day Peter Pan was listening from outside Wendy's room and he heard that her father is going to move her into her own room, and kick Nana out from the room too.

Peter Pan decided to go at night and take Wendy to Neverland, so he Goes to Wendy's room and takes her along with her two brothers to Neverland. He takes her to Neverland to make her happy because the next day Wendy is going to turn 13 and her father told her that when she turns 13 she has to move into her own room without her two brothers.

Of course she didn't like that, so she decides to go to Neverland so she won't have to turn 13 the next day. Also Peter Pan told Wendy that she can be there mother in Neverland and she can tell them stories. I agree with Peter Pan's decision, because that would make Wendy happy and he...