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There are only a few ways to be successful in today's society, one is for a person to be corrupt and manipulate their way through, and the other is to study teamism. I, the creator, prefer to call it pimpism. Pimpism is the concept of a person creating a team of people to assist them throughout their life. Any person can use pimpism if they can bake these three ingredients. The first ingredient is loyalty. The second ingredient is trust. The third ingredient is cooperation. By combining these three ingredients a person further their success in society's game.

The first ingredient is loyalty. There must be a development of loyalty between the person and their team. First they must be willing to realize there is no "I" in team. Then they must be willing to make a commitment to themselves, the coach and each other, and be willing to take head to any advice that is offered throughout the organism.

They must be willing to go to the extremes to make sure the others succeed. They must put the team before themselves if they would like to survive as well as succeed, because no one man is above the team.

The next ingredient is trust. A person must surround themselves with people they can trust. Everyone must have at least one person they can trust and count on. Everyone must feel as if they can rely on the next man. In each organism there is a heart and soul and if the team is to survive we much come together to make one solid core, never to be divided by animosity or to be corrupted by the outside world. The only thing that matters inside the heart is the team and the trustworthy operatives within the soul. "Every man for the other and the coach for us all." The final and most important ingredient is cooperation. The team must be able to trust and cooperate with each other. With out the use of cooperation the team will be in chaos. Chaos is like a virus; it starts internally then works it way outwards causing total destruction of the team. The team must act as a clock, if one spring break the time will be totally out of tune. There must not only be cooperation between the players, but there must be cooperation between the coaches and the players. If one person is unhappy with the team it could destroy them. One rotten apple can spoil the bunch.

If a person can combine these ingredients in themselves and other people, they can be very successful. Each of the ingredients can stand alone but when put together they hold an amazing power. They are the bases of any successful relationship. If everyone practice pimpism society would better and more successful place.