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Korea 경복궁


This photograph is a black and white photo which displays a tangible cultural asset building, called Hyangwonjeong Pavilion in Gyeongbokgung Palace, and this picture was took this summer. My family went to Gyeongbokgung, where Korean Kings used to settle in, and saw this beautiful Pavilion. I took several pictures from different angles and perspectives and eventually come with the idea to take the picture from the opposite side of sun. There was a different picture that was took from the other side, however, I believe that this picture has the strongest impact giving the people. Other pictures were grandma pictures, meaning that the picture is totally boring and not influential to the viewer, however, I found out that this picture was totally powerful since it automatically focuses people's vision into the middle.

Firstly, I imported my picture from my Phone to Photoshop, and created new layer with a default setting.

(Width 24cm, Height 18cm, Resolution 300 DPI [Pixel/inches]). First I used Black and White in order to create such image and tried to change the amount of colors exists in that picture. Slightly changing the amount of light, brightness, and Hue and saturation. However, that image didn't satisfy myself therefore I used, cropping tools to select the water part and delete it in order to change the Hue and saturation and Vibrancy values. However, I realized that features that I used were all applied to every single layer. Therefore I used Clipping Mask tool to apply to the specific layer only. Also, using color balance layer, even though it is black and white photo, it slightly changed the dimness of the photo which I utilized it as much as I could.

After applying all of the effects that was mentioned before, but the aspect of the golden...