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It has been established over time that paintings by an artist are without a doubt considered an art form. But does photography rate as an art form on the same level as paintings? Some would argue that it does not. According to the old English dictionary definition of the word art, art is something that is acquired by experience, study, or through observation ("Art"). Meaning that in order for something to be considered a true art form, it will take much more than just natural skills or talent, it should require practice and a practical knowledge and background of the subject. There are many areas of comparison within the two art forms, but three very evident aspects of the matter are the artist or photographers approach to their subject, the artist or photographers skills required, and the viewing audiences responses or reactions to the finished product.

What makes an artist is not the process but the feeling he gets when approaching his object to be painted or photographed ("Photography as Art").

Primarily, when an artist first considers a subject to paint, he is looking for something that will represent what he is trying to express through his gift. Be it a painting of a person, a landscape, a waterfall, a fruit, or etceteras. He knows what he has in mind and looks for the right scene or object to paint. When the artist finds the right scene or subject he knows it immediately, because it will "speak out" to him. His approach to the subject is like finding the one thing that will grab his soul and he and only he will know that this is it. A photographer's approach is very much the same. By no means does a photographer just take a group of...