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A large portion of Metro Denver's population growth is due to in-migration of people from other states. The Metro area's net migration averaged about 30,600 people each year during the 1990s. Population estimates predict in-migration in Metro Denver will average about 20,000 people each year between 2000 and 2010. (Metro Denver Official Site) Growth of population isn't the only reason why Denver is a good city to do research and open a photography business; also the city has a positive culture and great relation among people. In comparison to other states, Denver is known for happy and optimistic people with great attitude toward the whole world. People in Denver are very helpful, that is why I believe that it will not be that hard to ask for their help.

I don't have to do any research to know that weather plays an important role in photography business and looking at Denver's weather it is a perfect please.

Outdoor pictures are much more interesting then indoor and with Colorado's three hundreds sunny days there are great opportunities for incredible images all year round. Sunny blue sky during spring, summer and fall and snow covered Rocky Mountains during winter are perfect scenarios. Also, varieties of parks in Denver are colorful places not only for playing and enjoying outdoors but for photographers as well.

Even though Denver has a lot of galleries that offer good pictures, there are only a few that offer GREAT service and high end quality photos for an affordable price. In my opinion all photography companies overprice their work. They use holidays as an easy way to make a lot of money for little of work. With my Business Administration degree with Management I believe that I have a good basic education and skills to open and manage this type of company. Also we can't forget about importance of ethics in every type of business. In my opinion, photography business needs some reality check when we are talking about pricing. So let's open a photography company that offers great images and satisfaction to their customers without overpaying!Metro Denver Official Site, Metro Denver population.