Physical Discipline

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The results of the survey show that those who were physically disciplined as children would not necessarily follow this trend. Most people who were physically disciplined (a higher number than first believed) either chose not to do the same to their children or was undecided about the situations that were given. It was interesting, however, to view that more females were physically disciplined and also that more women would use the same parenting techniques with their own children, although those who took the survey believed the primary abuser to be male, coinciding with studies done over time. The hypothesis is not entirely precise, this point does help draw connections between the socialization techniques used on a child and their future actions with their own children. The previous point also leads to an interesting conclusion that it is more likely for females to be the abusive one in a family, even if males are typically stereotyped as abusers.

In conclusion it is observed that abuse is not solely the result of the nurturing effects a child is subjected to but that is what we believe to be the primary source. However there was a source of error that was found. That being that because the surveys were not fully anonymous, some people may have been reluctant to tell the complete truth about weather they were abused as a child or not, or whether they'd want tot do the same to their child.