Physical Education should be mandatory for all ages

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High school students are becoming fatter, slower, and less motivated than the past students. Many you these students would rather be sitting in front of the television rather then doing something physically active. High schools are an ideal place where students could find time, opportunity and guidance, since most students believe that they do not have enough sufficient time, opportunity or guidance to participate outside of school. Physical education is defined as an "instruction in how to exercise and take care of the body, especially as a course at school or university" ("dictionary"). This teaches students valuable skills that will be relevant to everyday life, such as, physical, social, and intellectual challenges. Although there is always the view of students, that PE is ruined, since the not all students want to be there. The governments has made health care a main issue and have put money into it, but they have made the health meaning sick, but not so much for obesity and overweight young people.

Physical Education should be mandatory for all high school students because it provides educational values and teach students healthy habits to reduce health risks.

Rivals of mandatory Physical Education in high school believe that if "students have not developed a positive attitude towards physical activity before he or she reaches high school, he or she may never." Its true that students should not be forced to do something they don't want to do, but if students are not getting exercise outside of school, then how are they suppose to get the required amount of fitness? Sara Aguirre, Physical Education teacher, at Prince Rupert Secondary School, believes "Most students have lost interest in P.E. classes and need to be taught the values of physical activity in their daily lives." Many students are involved...