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Three weeks ago one of my good friends was married and had a pianist play at his wedding. The pianist happened to be my old piano teacher. For my second cultural music event write up I have decided to write about the musician named David Hetrick. David Hetrick has been playing the piano since he was five years old. David Hetrick gave piano lessons when he was eight years old. This man is so comfortable on the piano it amazes me. After the wedding ceremony David played lots of entertaining songs, many classical pieces by Bach and Beethoven, considering these are his favorites.

David Hetrick is from the East coast of the United States and has played in many restaurants and concerts throughout the United States. Mr. Hetrick doesn't play much more for the public, so to see him today is a rarity. I have spoken to him recently and he is moving to France with his wife to retire.

His plans are to play the piano everyday and live on a farm somewhere in France.

Because he is a very good friend of mine I have spent hours next to the piano with this man. He has taught me all I know about the piano. But the thing that is so astonishing is that this man knows how to read music like a second language. I can read music somewhat, but it takes me a while to derive certain notes. David Hetrick can play anything that is written on paper, and I mean anything.

David Hetrick plays on a $30,000 Steinway & Sons grand piano at his house. I actually learned how to play the piano on this grand piano. Music to David is a very important part of his life, and is very obvious when you see...