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A young boy named Rowel A. Navaluna was born on May 24, 1991. He is a 2nd year student of Davao del Norte State College. Lives in Southern Davao, Panabo City. He's just a simple student, a simple guy who wants to achieve his goals in life in order to have a better future. A humble kind of person who's willing to understand the situation weather it is suited for him. In order for him to make friends, well he is a friendly neighborhood. Rowel likes a person who understands him when he was sad, angry and hopeless. That friends who concerns to him is considered as his true friends. He don't care about the other people who's talking behind his back, because there's a saying that "people are talking behind your back, are those people who only belongs behind your back", that's where they belong.

By now, he lives together with his my family, friends, relatives, and love one's wherein he is happy and inspired because of them.

They are the best part of his life who's giving him strength to face challenges in life, to be strong, and specially to achieve his goals in life. Perhaps, he have a few hobbies in life that can actually conflicts on his studies. First, one of his hobbies is to play on his guitar and he play it as long as he can no matter what time is it, even in school days. There were sometimes that he came late in school because he didn't notice that he have played his guitar for a long time. Aside from playing guitar, his another hobby is listening to music or maybe he call it as a music addiction. There are several genres of music that he wants to listen everyday wherein...