The Pigman

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This book is about two kids who were playing a game. The game was too close your eyes and flip thorough the phone book and put your finger on someone's name. Whosever name that was you had to call them. The point was to see how long you could stay on the phone with them. Lorraine and John got the pigman. They pretended they were from the Howard Avenue Charities and their charity that they were collecting from was the Loraine and John Charity. They wanted to know if he would donate to it. He said he would give ten dollars and to come pick it up. Lorraine and John felt bad but they went to pick the money up. The pigman showed them around the house and this one room was filled with pigs. He said he wife and him collect them. He gave them the money and asked them if they wanted to stay for a little.

The pigman was lonely. He said his wife was in California on a trip but she was really dead. Every day they came back. They went to all sorts of places. He took them to the mall and got them all sorts of things and they always went to the zoo. The pigman had a friend there. It was a baboon. He talked to him and fed him. One day the pigman got sick and had to go to the hospital. He gave the John and Lorraine the keys to his house and told them feel free to go there any time. The one night the Lorraine and John had a party. The pigman walked in on it. The house was a mess and there were tons of kids there. The pigman got mad and upset. He didn't talked to them for a couple days and when he did it were only one or two answers. Lorraine and John were upset about this. They didn't mean to hurt him. They wanted to make it up to him so they said about going to the zoo. The pigman meet them at the zoo. When he went to go talk to the baboon and he wasn't there. They asked were he was and the one worker said he died a couple of days ago. The pigman fell over and died right there.