Piracy Brings Down Economy - essay is about how economy is affected by piracy and how its a bad thing to do. reasons why it is bad and reasons why it is good. helpfull if givin to one that is old.

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Piracy Brings Down Economy

The economy is being damaged by piracy. Piracy is the unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted material. Currently, piracy is being done constantly by many people all over the world. (Walter Kidney) These file swappers (the people) are downloading and trading software for their personal use through the internet by certain software programs, such as KaZAa. Not paying for software is hurting the business of software publishers dramatically. However, copyright breakers might not understand how severely they are hurting the software industry. Millions of dollars are being spent on copyright protection software, but they continue to break due to Hackers, and they get downloaded from file swappers. Business' end up spending money they don't have, which doesn't enable them to make new software. Also, since there is a lack of funds very few workers are hired, therefore slowing down the production process. One would not understand why people would want to hurt the economy since they'd hurt themselves in the near future.

With people downloading software and breaking copyright laws, the software publishers are losing a great amount of money in their sales. Companies end up with fewer funds to work with future software projects. By this, they take longer or do not have enough funds to release any new software. Many people would be upset if their favorite software publisher stopped releasing new software that they were looking forward for using. Some software companies are selling fewer copies of their software than how many are being used today. This is figured out by calculating the amount of players on online games and how many copies are sold. For example, the game "Quake" had very few sales, but it has millions of players. Things like this create a huge problem, which would make a huge...