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Pit Bulls Attack Nun I feel that not only the dogs were at fault but also the, police and the dog owner. First of all what kind of stupid animals would attack a nun, servent of god these animals will most likely be going to dog hell. I do not want to point a finger at the dogs as much as I do at the owner though. The owner must have trained the pit bulls to attack humans because no dogs attack humans without having been trained to do so. Also why were the dogs loose should they not have been in a kennel? The owner of these demons should be held accountable for their and his own actions.

Secondly people reported that these vicious killing machines roamed the street for days surely these people reported it to the police if so why did the police not remove the dogs before they injured some one.

Before the nun was attacked an injury was reported also caused by these beasts it is obvious that the police would have known about this but did they remove the dogs. So the injuries caused by these dogs were partly the fault of police incompetence.

As you can se there are a few groups at fault here; the dogs who most definitely will be killed, the owner of the animals who will most likely suffer legal consequences in the form of a law suit and may even have to spend time in jail. The police will get away without any penalties. All of the people and animals involved in this situation are lucky in the sense that neither the nun nor the other person who was attacked by the dogs died. Finally I want to say that I hope that this never happens in...